The Best Texting Apps for Android

It is unarguable that over the cause of the last fifteen years, phone call is no longer the means used by most people use for communication. Text messages have become the replacement. If you are going to text as much as you do, then you should use the best apps to do so. Discussed below are the apps suggested you use for texting.

The Best App For General People: Android Messages

Android Messages is created by Google. It is their SMS apps vision for Android. It is also the stock option on Pixel and Nexus devices. The up side is that it is compatible with all phones, it is completely free and you can get it in the Play Store. The reason why this app is a great choice is because of it's clean and simple interface- it works pretty good. It has a lot of great built-in features that perform various tasks. Really, it is nothing short of what is expected from Google applications. It also supports Multimedia messaging(MMS) like any other good SMS app. It has features that allows people to attach certain things to their messages like


Pictures and GIFs

Location Data

Voice Recordings

Conversations can also be customized by assigning contacts specific colours. If you do not want to waste time on setting up contacts one by one it will automatically be done for you. You start to identity contacts with their colour after a while. You can  take a look at you phone and tell the person who sent the text message from just seeing the color. It a very useful simple feature. In short, I recommend Android Messages for you if you need a good text messaging app that is simple and works fine.

The Most Suitable for Power Users: Textra

Textra is recommended for those in search of all the whistles and bells from their SMS client. Even though the app is packed with so many killer features, it does not feel bloated at all.

That is what really makes Textra a great app. Textra can be as simple as you'd like it to be. However, if you are interested in digging deeper, you can customize it to do a whole lot more.

Ordinarily, without prior user customization, it has a clean and dark interface. It has the theme support feature if you do not fancy that.

The theme includes dark,black, light, blue and a smart mode that is light during daytime and switches to night mode at a particular time. The color pallette can also be customized completely, including the icon color and the chat bubble as well.

You can make the Textra interface look anyhow you desire if you are into aesthetics. Textra has a whole lot more to offer.

It will be too much if I try to explain it all in this article. That said, below is a list of some of the best features of Textra. The ability to rename group text.

The limit for sending MMS messages can be specified. It will be compressed accordingly by Textra.

Sent sounds can be deactivated

It allows for blacklisting of numbers.

Scheduled messages is also featured

All notification settings are customizable

 That is really just the beginning. Like I said earlier, if you are a power user, this is the perfect app for you.

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