The Best In Terms Of Convenience: Facebook Messenger

Nowadays, nearly every one us is on Facebook. A lot of people use Facebook Messengers as frequent as they use SMS to chat with family and friends. The thing is, since Facebook Messenger has the SMS feature, you can do the two directly from a single interface. The best thing about the app is that it provides your text messages with Chat Heads. This means you can bring all your messages together in one place. If you are a Facebook messenger user already, you can try this out in the app by easily enabling the SMS feature.

To do this, open the app first then in the upper-right corner, click on your profile picture. A menu will be displayed, scroll down and locate"SMS". Click on this then tap the slider tagged "_SMS in Messenger". A popup message may ask if you want to make Messenger your default client- tap "Yes". After that, various new options will be made available to you, so you a free to customize it to whatever you like.

With this, you can now begin to use SMS in Messenger.

I should also mention that other the normal features, example of which is the Chat Head, Messanger also does some other things that are not common. It sorts messages by grouping them together. It groups "business" SMS. These are promotions text messages you receive from businesses, etc. This is a nice feature as it makes your feed look cleaner. Additionally, if you want to see your SMS only in your feed by keeping your Facebook Messages out, all you need to do is to tap the button tagged "SMS" in the top next to your profile image. You should also know that Facebook Messenger is absolutely free.


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