Know Why Your Brand Needs To Be On Twitter

In how many words can you convey your ideas, thoughts, and understanding? In 1000 or you need more? Well, twitter is the only platform which teaches you the art of conveying the right information, in the right manner and in limited characters or words.

While there are various online social media platforms which allow us to write and convey whatever we want in uncountable words, this one turned out as something really intellectual as it limited the users to 140 characters, which is now increased to 280. With this margin, people come up with really useful and thoughtful ideas instead of just putting up whatever rubbish they want. And now, various brands have also started utilizing Twitter to get their audience connected with them.

Let’s discuss why your brand or business must be on twitter

There are various factors that crawl around when you take your brand online. It is not something that connects you with people digitally, but it’s a complete platform which helps the people to think beyond their limits. Here are some beneficial things that twitter brings for its customers.

  • 1. The audience wants to see the product updates- more than 74% of the people follow a brand only because they wish to see product updates. What new products are being launched, new campaigns, ideas, ads, and even what variations is the brand bringing to the product are some of the main things they look after. They will just follow you to get notified when a new product is a launch, and this will eventually increase the sale.
  • 2. Important industry based conversations happen only on twitter- Twitter is basically a conversation and not a technology, thus whether you like the fact or do not, people always talk about your business and product on twitter. In fact, if your brand is on twitter, the best thing is that you can easily monitor the conversations that are happening around it. Whether negative or positive, every convo is essential as it teaches you about the position and value of your brand amongst the masses.
  • 3. Marketers are increasing their use of twitter- according to various researches; it has been proved that marketers are now enhancing their usage of twitter every year as they find better interactions and customer reviews there. People instantly retweet and react to your brand proposals, ideas, and advertisements whatever you put up. Along with that, major contests and giveaways attract more population on twitter.

Apart from these, tweeting more often and staying in touch with the people bring your brand in more limelight. This is not something that you would do just to gain attention, but this eventually helps you in increasing the sale offline as well. Big stars and brands are usually seen active on twitter as they know they have their target audience there. Unlike other social platforms, here you will get genuine people who talk about something meaningful without spreading unwanted ideas all around. Thus, if you want to be on top and bring in the best customer base for your business, then join twitter today! 

The Most Suitable for Power Users: Textra

Textra is recommended for those in search of all the whistles and bells from their SMS client. Even though the app is packed with so many killer features, it does not feel bloated at all.

That is what really makes Textra a great app. Textra can be as simple as you'd like it to be. However, if you are interested in digging deeper, you can customize it to do a whole lot more.

Ordinarily, without prior user customization, it has a clean and dark interface. It has the theme support feature if you do not fancy that.

The theme includes dark,black, light, blue and a smart mode that is light during daytime and switches to night mode at a particular time. The color pallette can also be customized completely, including the icon color and the chat bubble as well.

You can make the Textra interface look anyhow you desire if you are into aesthetics. Textra has a whole lot more to offer.

It will be too much if I try to explain it all in this article. That said, below is a list of some of the best features of Textra. The ability to rename group text.

The limit for sending MMS messages can be specified. It will be compressed accordingly by Textra.

Sent sounds can be deactivated

It allows for blacklisting of numbers.

Scheduled messages is also featured

All notification settings are customizable

 That is really just the beginning. Like I said earlier, if you are a power user, this is the perfect app for you.

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